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Welcome to the Maker Hive - ​space for people to be creative together. 

Our core values are:
  • Embracing the ethos of “DIY making”; connecting art and technology 

  • Cultivating a strong sense of community 

  • Prioritizing sustainability by being mindful about all aspects of the work we do.


In today’s digitally saturated world, we are awash in content to entertain us and have easy access to everything we need to sustain us. However, the unintended consequence of this “age of plenty” is that our ability to rely on our own skills and talent for entertainment, fulfillment and sustenance is gradually disappearing.   

At the Maker Hive, we hope to counteract this in our own small way. Our focus is on slowing down and learning new skills to engage our minds and to empower us to be more self-sufficient.  This could be through traditional arts like painting, drawing, knitting/crocheting or more technical pursuits like hobby electronics, 3D printing and laser cutting. 

We are not averse to technology, rather we advocate its thoughtful integration into our creative endeavors and view it as just another tool in our toolkit of maker skills.  Our Tinkering Clubs are great representation of this idea.  You can learn more about our tinkering clubs here.

Finally, we believe that we are more likely to make lasting friendships when we connect with someone over a project or a hobby - a sentiment embodied in the “hive” within the Maker Hive.


The Maker Hive is the brainchild of Aarthi.

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