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Fun with motors!

Motors are everywhere! And what's more fun than designing and building an entire carnival using cardboard, simple art supplies and motors.

During our Spring 2023 Tinkering Club, we focused on motors. We first learnt about Servo motors including the differences between a 180 degree positional motor and a 360 degree continuous motor. We put this into practice by creating cardboard characters with a single motorized arm.

Next, we worked together to create our Spring Carnival themed club project. In teams, we built:

  • racing cars using two 360 degree servo motors and remotely controlled it using another Micro:bit.

  • a Ferris wheel powered by a DC motor

  • a hi-speed under the ocean themed carousel

  • and an involved roller coaster built on the mechanics of a conveyor belt.

  • a candy dispensing machine for winners of our arcade area

And finally we shared our creations with friends and family during our last club session!

Project Gallery

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