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Board Games

Your creativity with cardboard and a Micro:bit to build custom board games!

In our pilot camp, most Board Games creatively used the Micro:bit as a dice/game driver.

There were Board Games that connected to each other by teleporting from the "end" box of one game to the "start" box of another game and included pitfalls like Black Holes and Mudpits.  

Another Board Game had a fun Unicorn shaped cardboard structure to house the Micro:bit dice while yet another had a pixel art paper cube to house the Micro:bit dice.

There was a new and improved Snakes and Ladders called "Ropes and Alligators".  The Micro:Bit served as a dice, and every now then would randomly display a Rope or Alligator icon moving a player to the nearest Rope or Alligator!

One Board Game used the the LED lights in novel way.  The LED lights were transformed into pegs that fit into neat holes drilled into the game board.  The Micro:Bit served as the dice. 

Another Board Game, was beautifully decorated with a few shortcuts and twists thrown in along with a Micro:bit powered dice

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