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Drawing Meditation (Ages 12+ & Adults)

Tuesdays at 7PM; 11/28 thru 12/19; $35 per class; $10 off 1st class with code THANKU

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 35 US dollars


$10 off 1st class with code THANKU Drawing Meditation is an opportunity to connect to the present moment and explore drawing as a vehicle into mindfulness meditation. In this class you will learn to cultivate and connect prana (breath/energy) as the life force for mark making and discern between conscious and unconscious awareness. Drawing meditation practice helps; • promote a safe sense of self expression • explore prana (life force) • develop focus • dissolve preoccupations of a gaining mindset • cultivate joy • enhance visual problem solving • connect mind, heart body • cultivate the drishti (gaze/focus) • cultivate connection to a primal act (mark making) • enhance visual problem solving Swami Kripalu said, “all actions can become meditation; first concentrate your mind on what you are doing; second, consciously direct your prana (breath/energy) to perform only that task; third, do whatever it is you’re doing with perfect harmony and attention, forgetting about things around you. To perform every action artfully is yoga.” Drawing Meditation is also self-care for the eyes, redirecting them away from screens into natural light. To draw from observation and explore pictorial problem solving is a regenerative and therapeutic process that reconnects the mind, heart and body. About the instructor: Thomas Libetti received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and became a certified yoga teacher at The Kripalu School of Yoga and Health in 2019. He has since incorporated yoga concepts with his art teaching practice. His drawings have been featured in major publications in the US and abroad, including; Atlantic Monthly, Boston Globe, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, and Vogue Italia among others. His portraits of world leaders and renowned authors have accompanied The New York Times and LA Times Op-Ed and Book Review sections. He lives and works in the Berkshires, MA.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds or cancellations within 48 hours of the class or workshop.

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