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Welcome to the Maker Hive, a space to be creative together.  A place to disconnect from the digital world, so you can reconnect in the real world with a community of makers.

If you are a creative person and want to share your passion by teaching a workshop or a class, please contact

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Winter schedule coming out December 1st.
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Learn to crochet (All ages)
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Make a hat or a scarf in four weeks!

This is a hands-on, beginner crochet class designed for those who would like to learn crochet.  Learn to create a slip knot, a chain, a single crochet stitch, and a double crochet stitch.  And get started on your first project - beanie / hat or a scarf.  You will be surprised how quickly you will learn and make progress with this fun craft!

Abigail Aquino, mother of two daughters, a crocheter and small business owner will be teaching this class. She loves to show her girls that with every hat, earring or craft that there is no limit to your creativity.

Watercolor Painting (Teens & Adults)
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Learn the Art of Watercolor

In this introductory class led by Catrin Perih,  you will learn the methods and techniques of watercolor painting from how to create a wash to intricate details. Step by step instruction will be included and also time to work at your own pace, allowing you to discover and harness the magic and mystery of this

unique medium!

Catrin Perih is a painter and art educator based in Hastings on Hudson, NY. She was born and raised in Wales and has lived in New York since the late 1980s. Catrin has exhibited her work in Westchester and Brooklyn NY and in online exhibitions. Her work has been featured in publications including the book Lleisiau Voices, Words to Welsh Art. She has a studio in Hastings on Hudson where she enjoys working in watercolor, acrylic, oil and digital media.

Drawing Meditation
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Find respite from the chaos and connect with your inner self through art

Thomas Libetti received his MFA from the School of School of Visual Arts Illustration As Visual Essay program in NYC and became a certified yoga teacher at The Kripalu School of Yoga and Health in 2019.

Drawing Meditation is an opportunity to connect to the present moment and explore drawing as a vehicle into mindfulness meditation. In this class you will learn to cultivate and connect prana (breath/energy) as the life force for mark making, and discern between conscious and unconscious awareness.

Drawing Meditation is also self-care for the eyes, redirecting them away from screens into natural light. To draw from observation and explore pictorial problem solving is a regenerative and therapeutic process that reconnects the mind, heart and body.

Tinkering Clubs
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Tinkering clubs focused on building functional projects that incorporate electronics and coding.

This class is perfect for kids who love to build and create.  

Using primarily cardboard as our building material, we'll design, build, and decorate objects that move like buses, cars, and trains. We will also make our vehicles functional by adding lights and motors. 

For younger students (Ages 8 to 10), the focus is on learning cardboard engineering skills and basics of electric circuitry and electronic components like lights and motors.

For older students (Ages 10 to 12), we will dabble in 3D software design to created 3D printed parts for our vehicles. We will also program microcontrollers to see if our vehicles can accomplish challenges like escaping a box, moving up a ramp or staying on a track. 

Siblings discount available. And will work with anyone who needs reduced pricing.

Learn to knit (All ages)
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Learn an age-old craft that offers relaxation and a sense of accomplishment

Learn to knit or bring your work-in-progress projects and knit along with a community of knitters. We will also have a few beginner project kits available for purchase. 

Relax, make friends and finally finish your projects.  

Joyce Parker will be here to troubleshoot and unravel any mistakes.  Joyce claims she has been knitting since birth! Fast forward a few years ... Joyce now enjoys teaching knitting to all ages and her only requirement is that you have fun and enjoy the process. Joyce's mantra is: "Be patient with yourself". Joyce's experience was enhanced via the Learning Annex, Goldman’s yarn shop, the Observatory yarn shop in Hastings and currently at the Retired s Teacher’s center in the Bronx.

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